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What is Ewee Eyes? That's a good question. The short answer is: "It Is What It Is" but this does not answer your question... or does it? 


Let's start with the logo. When asked "What does it look like?" Many different people have responded with many different answers, the more common ones being; Eyes, Glasses, Goggles, Roman Numerals, A DNA Strand (still don't see how) and of course many people's favorite.. "I don't know". 

In fact none of these answers are entirely wrong, except maybe the DNA Strand. 

What the logo is, is somewhat of a double entendre. It is in fact the letters "I I W I I" (4 I's shaped to look like eyes) which is an acronym (pronounced Ewee) for "It Is What It Is" 


Now that we know Ewee = IIWII = It Is What It Is. What about the "Eyes"? Well, "It Is What It Is" is a fairly common saying, one might even say it's a philosophy or a way of looking at things, good or bad. Therefore Ewee Eyes is how you would perceive, given this philosophy. In other words, if you have Ewee Eyes or see things through Ewee Eyes, it just means you understand and accept the notion that, It Is What It Is. 

Which 9 times out 10, it always is. 


So that's the Name and Logo covered, but the question still remains: What Is Ewee Eyes? 

Well it is a brand but it's also a personality with the same name. Ewee, is a writer, a poet and a musician. An alter ego belonging to one who wishes not to be named just yet. 

Whether it's Blogs, Novels, Poems or Music you can expect that from Ewee. Furthermore all this as well as Documentaries, Short Movies, Vlogs and Merchandise can be expected from Ewee Eyes. 


"I thought it was a Clothing Line" well I don't blame you. Of course as you now know, it's not a clothing line, but it has a clothing line, again with the same name, so technically it is a clothing line but not just a clothing line. 


In essence having the same name for every aspect of the brand as well as the Alter Ego, which ironically was done to simplify things, might have made it a little more complicated to explain. 


However as previously stated, which you'll probably now understand and in case anybody asks "What Is Ewee Eyes?" 

just tell them... It Is What It Is.  


(Or send them here)