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Wow, she's beautiful.

And I just want to tell her she's beautiful.

Beauty is what the sum of my eyes, the space in between us, and she is equal to.

I've never seen her before,

I may never see her again,

I'd like to see her some more even just as a friend.

Maybe more in time.

But for now, how about bridging the gap with a "Hi"

The thought looked both ways before it crossed my mind,

Careful now we don't want to get run down.

Maybe I will give her a "Hi"

Maybe she'll give me one back,

Maybe our "Hi's" can give birth to a little chit chat?

Or maybe not.

Like a priceless painting not for sale,

To be admired not acquired.

Plus I'm shy as well,

So there's that.

It Is What It Is.