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Lol. Hi is such a short simple word but it's power? Think about it some of the longest, strongest, deepest maybe even darkest relationships probably started with a "Hi"

Yet despite it's simplicity some people still find it difficult to say. I get that, kinda.

So as you probably could guess this piece was the handiwork of you know whom, mentioned in "Le Posse" Pinky 😒 and was it based on a true story? Almost certainly, but that has happened so many times I couldn't even tell you which one. I mean really, how hard is it to say hi?

Well for some people it's as hard as a marshmallow. By now we should have all heard of the terms 'Introvert' and 'Extrovert' but if you haven't, quick and simple explanation: One is shy and or quite while the other is...not. Mind you there is nothing wrong (or right) with either one, however most people are typically one or the other and their personality is usually orientated around this. So how hard is it to say Hi? For an introvert, quite. For an extrovert, not so much.

Introverts tend to think more about their actions than Extroverts in my opinion. They really assess the necessity and likely outcomes of their actions before proceeding. Some of you are probably thinking 'Don't we all?' Well evidently not. That's not to say Extroverts do not think before they act lol what I mean is the reactions, consequences, responses or effects of one's actions would bother an introvert significantly more than it would an extrovert. For this reason there is usually quite a pause, either the evaluate whether their action is worth dealing with the possible reaction. Or a perpetual pause because... Introvert. Also by "possible reaction" that's usually the worst case scenario. As in you know how people say "c'monnnn just do it, what's the worst that could happen" you better believe that's not a rhetorical question to an introvert. No no, they've already got the answers, and it's those answers that's holding them back.

You see their comfort zone is barely big enough to swing a dead cat in (sidenote I have no idea why anyone would be swinging dead cats but so the saying goes) anyway their comfort zone is small so it doesn't take much to reach the borders of it. They're also not keen on stepping out of their comfort zone, somewhat obviously.

But what is the worst that could happen from just saying "Hi" get ignored? Insulted, set off a chatterbox, embarrass yourself with no follow up, end up talking then becoming friends then dating then getting together then getting married then buying a house together then having kids then finding out they hate Disney films then you get divorced they get the house and the kids while you get the Disney DVD collection (could be worse) but now you're all alone in the world with nothing but your collection because everything you were and everything you had you put into that relationship. Now all of a sudden life doesn't seem as meaningful and this just took a really dark turn but my point is, none of this would have happened, If you didn't say "Hi"

But you'll never know if you don't try 🙂 so maybe just give them a "Hi" whatever happens, It Is What It Is.

Ewee Out ✌