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Best Friends Become Strangers

Isn't that just the worst?

Although if it was bound to happen (Like thunder clapping after lightni...etc) then can one really be surprised? I'd still imagine so. See I'm just thinking about all my... I mean his friends, really close friends too, who are now pretty much strangers. Who'd have thought... not I, certainly not him, and I should hope not them either 🤔

But as the French say.. "c'est la vie" which is French for.. "Say Love E" 😏 *twists mustache* or at least it should be. It actually means "That's life" or as certain someone might say.. "..boy init 😕"

Here's a thought... you have to realise that your best friend/s right now was also a stranger just moments before you met for the first time. So in essence when Best Friends Become Strangers you're just essentially reverting back to your original statuseses. That having been said, along with some common phrases like "Nothing lasts forever" "What goes up must come down" "We are all part of the great circle of life" etc etc etc... all wise words from wise people and lions. But yes that having been said, I ask again can we (you) really be that surprised? I'd still, still imagine so.

Let's use those 2 as an example. So they started off a strangers... as you do. How exactly they became best friends is a tad illusive but let's just go with it. Before we go any further though, opposite sex being best friends??? Realistic or nah? #papit📌 So yeah they're besties and I assume for quite some time, after all bff's are not made over night I shouldn't think. Anyway they were talking all night, got a bit tipsy AND HAD SEX! for those in the back not quite following. No no don't judge them, have you never had drinks with your best friend and ended up sexing? 👀 No? 😦 Wait seriously? 😐 Well then what's the poi....nevermind anyway they did, it happens, might even be how some of you got here 🙂 lol just kidding of course. But back to them, so after they you know.. 😏 It would appear their relationship took a turn for the worse. But why? you ask.. excellent question, allow me to donate my 2 cents and or pence, whichever is the stronger currency right now.

So here's what I think:

When opposite sexes are besties, there will always be that looming "what if" question. Human nature can be quite curious, so even without you realising, part of you will always wonder, what if? That's the first part. Secondly, As besties it's expected you will have a lot of love for each other, yep even as friends. Now when you love someone, even as a friend, you can expect some level of attraction. You don't have to act on it, but it'll be there and it may not just be physical so.. yeah. Thirdly, not really an excuse but they were tipsy, and being tipsy often helps us (you) do things you maybe would have given more thought if you were sober. Ergo: Sex.

Notice how comfortable I am using the word Sex? As in I can say Sex without the fact I just said Sex being an big deal. Sex.

I say that to say this, some people do find it difficult to use the word Sex so casually. Which is the same way some people find it difficult to have Sex, casually. I noticed it tends to be a certain Sex more than the other but I won't say which one. Reasons however usually tend to swing between culture as well as one's experience in that field. That field being Sex. Lol.

What I mean is, for example some cultures associate Sex with relationships/marriage meaning only people who are "together" have Sex. For this reason they find it difficult to have Sex with someone they are not in a relationship with, or struggle to understand the concept of "it was just sex" which is understandable. As in them not understanding is understandable, not the concept. Although the concept is also understandable.

But then there's also the case of experience, simply put: if you've had Sex with 22 people then what's 23? This person would view casual sex quite differently from someone who's had Sex with 2 people, both of whom were Exxes.

I sure hope I didn't loose you because I'm about to bring it home, stay with me.

So one thing that can make all the above a whole lot more complicated, is if the 2 were best friends. Or even just good friends, and I'll tell you why. All friendships have a dynamic, usually a mutually agreed upon one. A lot of friendships, especially BBF friendships, don't include Sex. At least not initially. If and or whenever sex is introduced it 9 times out of 10 changes the dynamics of the friendship. There is usually a short window immediately after the act for you both to speak on it before it speaks for itself. That's usually when you'd here things like "So what are we" "We shouldn't have" "I think I love you" "I'll call you a cab" basically something that lets you know firstly whether this was a one off or start of something new, and secondly whether or not you may have just jeopardized your friendship.

But... If nothing is said and this window closes then as I said, it will speak for it self. Meaning whatever happens, happens. In most cases regardless things will never be the same again. Whether it's you continue sexing, which will eventually lead to the elephant in the room having to be addressed because you just can't be sexing your best friend constantly and not develop feelings eventually, unless you're a platypus.

Alternatively, you two may never have Sex again but then it's awkward to be around each other because "should we?" "Shouldn't we?" "I want to" "But I don't" All words that continue to go unsaid will eventually allow that awkwardness to cause a riff between you that will only get bigger and bigger until the closeness you once had is all but a memory. By then it'll be too late to have 'that talk'.

Which is what happened between those two and how Best Friends Became Strangers. I guess It Is What It Is.

Ewee Out ✌