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Born Again Blogger

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Bare with me this is my first time, out loud anyway. I feel like deep down there has always been this inner voice, inner writer, inner poet.. I don't know just inner person. Let's call him Ewee. (He'll explain the whole Ewee Eyes thing later).

So what's up? I'm not 100% sure how this blogging thing works I'm kind of just winging it. It feels like I'm talking to myself.. or thinking out loud. Is that weird? Or this that what it's supposed to feel like. I'm honestly not too sure what to say, I guess I'll do the whole introduction thing. So you can call me Ewee.. I'm that aforementioned 'Inner Person' although I feel I'm more of an alter ego superhero but whatever. I called this 'Born Again Blogger' not because I'm a Blogger who is born again, but because I feel like, (without literally dying), I've been reincarnated, as a Blogger. Pretty straightforward really.

So why Blogging? Well I'm glad you asked.. thing is I didn't choose the Blog life, the Blog life chose me. Lol "Blog Life" sounds like something I would get tattooed across my chest.. You know, if I had a chest.. i don't have a chest, I don't even have a body. The way this alter ego deal is set up? Yh, all I get is a voice.. and even that's figuratively speaking. But I digress, or, was that a seemingly perfectly placed Segway? As in.. To answer your question: that's "Why Blogging" Blogging is a way for me, Ewee, to come alive! So to speak. Get it? Got it? Good.

Now I've been wondering something, maybe you can help me with this. I'm considered the "Alter ego" but technically, in this realm, me being the protagonist, (I like that word), wouldn't the roles reverse and Mr "I've got a body" 😒 be the Alter ego? Penny for your thoughts... and erm, put it on my tab? Cheers.

So as promised, since you eager beavers are so anxious to know.. 👐Ewee Eyes👐

What exactly is Ewee Eyes, well I'll tell you one thing, it's not my eyes.. because, well you know.. I'm bodyless. For lack of a better word, which I'm sure exists 💭 I mean it has to. Anywho, Ewee Eyes is a Brand. A multi-industry brand. Does it all, Music, Poetry, Novels, Blogs (obviously), Vlogs, Short Films, Webisodes.. like a chat show and a debate show, which should be pretty cool. Erm what else, events promotion.. and oh yeah it even has a clothing line, some nice looking threads I'll be honest 👀 which I'm sure should be on sale now. If not y'all need to speak to management or something because, yh, get my name out there bro. So that's Ewee Eyes in a nutshell, I'm guessing you'll find the different components across all social network platforms like Insta, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, etc etc etc. So Go Follow and support please and thank you. It's like @ewee_eyes on all of them.

Sooo this has actually been quite fun, I enjoyed this.. maybe a little too much lol. Nonetheless, you can expect to hear a lot more from me, Ewee. I'll be handling all the Blogs, Poetry and Novels.. and I'm not 1 to toot my own horn but I'm actually quite the scribe if I do say so myself. Which I do, say so myself.

So yeah, I'm gonna like you and leave you.. for now, I got some poetry to write.. and Novels to finish.. All for your entertainment. So Stay Tuned! And get your surfboards ready.. there's a wave coming!

Ewee Out ✌