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Born Again Blogger II

Hey Guys!

Yeah I've been working on my "hey guys" voice because I noticed that's how all these rich YouTubers start their videos. "Hey Guys!" "What's Up Guys!" Lol listen I'm just trying to get this guy paid, but he seems more preoccupied with "tHe ArT" which is cool, I guess... but riddle me this, what's a superhero alter ego (yes we are married to that) without a superhero alter ego car, am I right? Nothing too fancy, maybe a Lamborghini to start off with? You know? Anyway, talk to your boy please.

So! What's up? How you been? How's the fam? Good? Great! I haven't been too bad myself. Can't say the same about this guy though sheeesh. Talk about going through it, I could barely watch. I mean I did though, watch that is, like every single agonising second. It wasn't pretty, side-note: I wonder if I'm pretty? Hmm never thought about that. Actually do you mind if we just touch on that for a second? You don't? Great. 

Here's what I'm thinking, okay technically I have no face, or body, and I'm okay with that, really. But I do have a mind.. and a voice.. figuratively. So if I were to say pretty things all the time, would that make me pretty? Penny for your thoughts, put it on my tab ;)

Now let's get serious, not that I weren't being serious before but you know what I mean.

So, it has actually been a very long time since I addressed you fine people. Partly because my alter ego, that's who he is now, if I'm his alter ego then he's mine... wait was that weird? I mean of course it's going to be weird if you make it weird..

Anyway, so my alter ego hasn't been doing too great, narrowly escaped death, again.. it's nothing to joke about but come on who gets 3 fatal diseases in the space of 15 months? Honestly, I should be driving this ship. Not sure why I said ship instead of car. Not sure why I said driving instead of flying.. really don't know why I would have said car instead of plane but whatever my point is I should be in control. Also I've always liked the idea of a motorbike 👀👀

Okay let's try this again, seriously.

Born Again Blogger, part deux. It actually feels like the first time #Pause because it's been so long but also because of everything that's happened since, vis-a-vis the whole near death experience thing.

I'm not sure how much he told you (I'm actually well aware) but I'm not sure how much he would want me to say so let's just say this recovery was basically like coming back from the 💀. Although not like Jesus, magnificent as that was, but more like a Phoenix. Back with a vengeance, back with a purpose, I can feel it in my... my... wow, I'm really just words aren't I? That's not depressing at all. 🙃

Either way I can feel it, somewhere, somehow that my alter ego is even more passionate than before, all the plans, ideas, thoughts and feelings that I've been eavesdropping over because don't judge me. He really has a game plan lined out for you guys. Of course I'll be doing all the real work and probably getting little to know credit for it but that's okay.

So call this like a renaissance, now that he's back on his feet. Full of life again, inspired and quite enthusiastic to be fair. This should be a good year for all of us. So if you haven't noticed, you can now catch some of my work on the site, nothing major, they're actually throwaways that just didn't get thrown away. But watch out for the weekly roll out once it starts it's going to be like a freight train of poems and blogs, some novels here and there if I feel up to it lol but you're going to meet some of my, other sides 😈 yh that did not need to be ominous my other sides are actually quite sweet and or are somewhat of an activist soooo: 🙂 I'll just go ahead and remove the horns and make up.

T'was nice catching up, hopefully our rendezvous will not be too few and far between in future. If they are though, don't blame me, talk to your boy 🙃

Ewee Out ✌