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Remember one night I went to Erykah Badu house... she made tea for me.

lol honestly, first time I heard that line I thought Drake was clowning. Apparently it's a true story and it's actually quite believable in retrospect.

Erykah Baduuuuu... what a name, though I'm sure it's not her real name 🤔 and what a women. Would you believe till date she is still the only artist ever, who's songs this guy has proactively not listened to? As in he avoids them completely, contrary to his desires too. Why he still does it I'm not sure but why he started on this road is a somewhat long and (though I thought it made sense at the time) illogical story.

Where to start? I usually find the beginning is a good place to start.

So we must have heard of her a long time ago because I recall him thinking that song by Aaliyah (may her soul rest in peace) where she sings: "Erica Erica Erica Erica… Erica Erica Erica..." was about Erykah Badu, which, if you've heard the song is obvious he clearly weren't paying attention smh. Still though, we used to hear people mention her name among artists like; Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott (a whole other story lol), India Arie, Sade, etc.. you know? that sort of vibe. But for some reason she stood out, mind you unlike all the aforementioned, he still had never seen or heard Erykah before. Didn't even know if she was singer or rapper, I assumed she was black but we didn't actually know.

I do recall the first time we ever saw her (on TV of course) it was at an award show. I'm not sure if she was being honoured or hosting or what, but she was wearing a very very very big hat. Might have been the Soul Train awards, it was also the first time we heard her speak and found out she was hilarious. Though it made him start watching her interviews and what not, he was still abstaining from her music. I think the best way to describe why is like, he felt that listening to her music would be like looking at the face of God! And I'm pretty sure that's not allowed? Don't quote me on that I'm pretty sure I'm just thinking of a movie, I want to say Indiana Jones??? Still though...

I personally was rather tempted to lose my Erykah Badu-ginity multiple times. I knew of songs such as 'Tyrone' 'On & On' '& On' (which I assume is a sequel, genius idea for a title if so) and I reallllllly wanted to listen to them, but no, this genius thought is decided to deny us such pleasures.

However, speaking of genius, I'd like to quote a line from the poem, if I may:

"Only difference now is I've seen her and..

Well…… she ain't no J.Lo But...

I don’t know there's still something about her,

I’m not sure what it is but there’s something there."

Okay maybe a tad more than a line, sue me. Before you do, allow me to add some context to illuminate you to the magnitude of the statement: "she ain't no J.Lo" because I'm not one to blaspheme, and we know Erykah is Goddesslike so hear me out. J.Lo, aka Jennifer Linda Bonita Guapa Hermosa Lopez, was our first ever serious celebrity crush. Tbh it wasn't a crush it was Love, borderline obsession. I thought she was easily Theee most beautiful beauty he has ever and will ever see in life. She was number 1 and 2 in my Top 3, pardon my french but she was la creme de la creme, she was just...in fact I'm sure you get it. My point is to even compare anyone to Jenny, that person must be kryptonite injected with more kryptonite marinated In even more kryptonite, then sprinkled with a punch of kryptonite... assuming I was Superman of course.

Evidently Erykah was such a person, and not that I thought she was prettier, I mean c'mon, it's J.Lo...

But what i'm saying is I think even if he and Ms Lopez were married with kids and a pet tiger, he'd probably Erykah Badeuces ✌ at her command. Wifey would go from J.Lo to J.No (and we're keeping the tiger). That is legitimately how he feels about Erykah Badu and only Erykah Badu. I don't know how she did it but he got Erykah Badone, I don't even think I mind but what can I say, It Is What It Is.

Ewee Out ✌