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Ewee Eyes

I love that quote.

Wait can I love? I mean why Not? It’s not exclusive to, you know.. biorganismseses is it? 🤔 #papit, for now #AlterEgoLoveLivesMatter 🙂

So, what inspired that piece you say?

Well it was actually a lot of things. You see I’m what you might call, eye minded, and I want to say.. somewhat obviously. After all it doesn’t say Ewee Ears on the door does it.

Let’s start with that quote, which again, I lurvv.

“Any moment may be our last,

Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed.

You will never be lovelier than you are, now.

We will never be here again.”

Wouuu! 😍😓 I need a moment..

*takes mmoment*

Okay I’m back.

So that quote for those who don’t know, is from a film called Troy (May or may not be my fave) and was said by Achilles (evidently quite a guy).

There is a lot of truth in the quote that we…well, you guys tend to take for granted from what I’ve seen. The truth is we…sorry, you guys are not immortal. Meaning someday, maybe in 60 years maybe in 60 seconds (hopefully not the latter) you will leave this life. Death is certain for mortals, and when it calls it won’t leave a voicemail. As bleak as this sounds that is actually the beauty of life. “Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed” Would you appreciate something as much if you knew no matter what, you’ll always have it forever and ever? Or would you value it more knowing that literally any second you can lose it and will never ever have it again? Because that is life, and I don’t mean c’est la vie.. I mean that is how life, your life, works. Whatever you do with it this will be your one and only chance to do it. Like it or not that’s life, as in, c’est la vie.

It really Is What It Is. He and/or she who knows, understands and accepts this… sees life through Ewee Eyes. A stress free life too I might add, from what I’ve seen 👀. That comes from not trying to influence things that are out of your control. Wasting this limited time you have trying to do the undoable or not trying hard enough to do the doable. Hence why a lot of people stall on the road to riches, pun intended they just don’t have the drive. 🙂

I’m no life coach but I personally don’t understand the concept of not living by logic, and logically speaking, if you have a limited time to do anything you can before you’re never able to do it again… why would you use that time worrying about things you can’t do or control?

Honestly, why worry? It Is What It Is.

Ewee Out ✌