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I'm Coming for You

To whom it may concern,

I'm not waiting for the stars to align,

I feel written in the stars that your mine.

Time is precious, and you're worth my time

I think we suit, like a, Shirt and Tie.

I think we suit, Blazer, Shirt & Tie.

No word of a lie these are the words of a guy...

Who's wanting the best of you,

Along with the rest of you,

Not just for now,

I'm thinking perpetual.

Girl I need you in my world.

The world is my oyster,

And I need you as my pearl,

Not just as my girl.

See We live in world where things change,

The truth yesterday can be a lie today.

People judge you,

who couldn’t walk a mile in your shoes,

and yet they do it from a mile away.

You make me want to get It together,

I'm doing fine

but you make me want to do better.

I know you don’t know but I'm coming for you,

I know what I want and what I’m wanting is you.