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It'll Kill You

They say don't smoke,

It'll Kill You.

They say don't drink,

It'll Kill You.

They say don't do drugs,

It'll Kill You...

Well they must be immortal.

They say if you eat right,

You'll Live Longer.

They say if you exercise,

You'll Live Longer.

So as long as you're fit the longer you'll live?

I guess tomorrow is promised.

I must be doing it wrong,

I heard tomorrow isn't promised

I been singing along.

I been drinking and smoking and

I eat what I want.

I know an old aged drug addict who lives by the bong.

Last year they found my blood poisoned,

I was throwing up blood and don't know what caused it.

My body went into shock,

Shortly after I should have died...

Then this crazy thing happened,

I survived.

The results showed 4% blood poison level,

They said if it reaches 3%,

It'll Kill You.

The English was simple,

Yet I couldn't do the maths.

They couldn't explain it with science,

So I guess that was that.

I say that to say this,

I don't care what they say.

I was not planning on living forever

In any case.

We are mortal,

And so If they wanted to warn you...

They should say don't be born,

It'll Kill You.