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Le Posse

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

I think I need an standardised entrance for every blog. Remind me to remember to remind myself.

So... guess what? Actually don't, I despise guessing games 😑 (I really don't, that's just one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite films from one of my favourite studios and so on and so forth.)

Anywhom, that's actually a pretty good segway, because there are some.. "whoms" lol I'd like to introduce you to. Now I Imagine this probably greets you with mild confusion, I understand. I too was confused once I learned I was not the only whom in, MY alter ego's head. To wit.. Le Posse. (Yes I have French in me we'll figure out how that's even possible another time ok? ok.)

Now for the sole purpose of easier understanding, I am going to.. well I'm not sure if the word is humanize or personify but I'm going to do either and or both. Now, have you seen the film 'Split'? Waittt.. before we jump to conclusions I'm not saying our buddy here has some sort of multiple personality disorder (although that would explain a lot am I right? Lol) *cough* no I'm just saying that it's a similar sort of situation. Where in multiple.... alter ego's? Since we're not really personalities, reside in the one mind. I would put the number at about 3 maybe 4, it's hard to keep up sometimes even for me. I don't know if it's another alter ego or the same one behaving a little different. Still, I know 3 distinctly, and they don't have names before you ask, just, tendencies 🙃.

So first of all there's me, basically the head huncho round here since more so than not I'm the one behind the wheel. You'll know it's me because I'm the rational one, the logical one, smart, funny, creative, iconic, damn near perfect but most of all humble.

Then there's the ghetto one. Not actually ghetto of course but the way he talks? Honestly you'd think his last name was Life and first name was Thug. I don't mind him though, he has character and believe me on more than a few occasions that was necessary.

Next up you have the sweetboy. Not a fan, let me just get that out the way. I blame him for a lot of the wrong life decisions made by My alter ego. I mean, I get it.. love is cool and what not, but that's like all he knows, all he talks about, thinks about, writes about, love this, beautiful that, romance here, heartbreak there.. Get A Grip! Making us look bad 😑 so you'll always know when it's his handy work at play because he really is like the only one who goes all out in that department.

Finally there's the activist. Lol now I'm not decided on how I feel about him because honestly he's hot and cold. A lot of the time he does talk a lot of sense and is very conscious. Odd choice of word to describe a member of the subconscious mind I know, but I despise the word 'Woke' 😒 Anyway here is my issue with him, it kinnnnnda always sounds like he's complaining about something.. politics, the world, movements, people we have never met, you know? Like we get it, the world isn't perfect but what can we do about it from here? Nothing! except speak on it.. which I guess means he's doing all he can do, which I guess is actually rather commendable, which I guess... Whatever, still could use a chill pill from time to time.

So there you have it, Le Posse. By the way we're not married to that name, or married at all, somewhat obviously. Although I think we all know who wishes they were *cough* *cough* although names might be a good idea. I'll put it on my to do list, right after "- Make a to-do list".

For now let's just colour code them PINK! for the sweetboy 😒 let's say Green for the activist, I don't know why, I'm thinking trees? Makes sense somehow I'm sure. As for ThugLife? I would say Black, but if we're dishing out colours then in the silent words of Ms Dolezal, I want to be black 🙂 Therefore he can have blue. But like a navy blue lol close enough right? Right.

So key things to remember, Black, Blue, Green, Pink (Random order). Anyone can be active at anytime but you'll know who it is by their words. I should hope. Enjoy getting familiar.

Ewee Out ✌