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A lot of Black Men refer to Black Women,

And this could be their own or just any Black Woman,

One they think is Beautiful or may not even know them

Yet still, refer to that Woman as a….


More typical oversees, the States or Caribbean.

The Motherland of course, though UK they're less keen.

I for one could say I rarely cohere..

Not that I disagreed, I just don’t think I shared:

Their regard for a Queen at least not as they do,

Or so I thought, that was until the day I saw you.

I think the fact I remember it like it was yesterday,

The rare Beauty I encountered that very day,

Is indicative of the truth every time I say,

I've been a fan of your beauty ever since that day.

I remember you wore Red,

I remember your Eyes.

I remember you had Dreads,

I remember you Smile.

I'm not going to lie I was reluctant and tired.

I probably had Red Eyes and usually Dread Smiles

But, with you in my peripheral..

None of the aforementioned even mattered at all.

I don't know if you notice how much I was in awe,

I wonder if you still don't, even now that it's more.

If I'd ever see you again, I can not say I was sure,

If it were up to me, I'd see you forevermore.

Perhaps longer, if such a thing could be.

It could in my world, in which you'd be Queen.

Or maybe not, I don't think the shoe fits.

The magnitude of your beauty alone is too big.

But you must have a title of note nonetheless

And I can't seem to stray from thought of Goddess.

Goddess? yes, Goddess.

Of all the ways to describe your beauty, this is best.

Divine beauty of a Goddess,

Very seldom have I seen another that could test.

Imagine, your inner beauty exploding,

Simultaneously while your outer beauty implodes.

And you in the middle like a supernova frozen,

A visual enchantment mired in between both.

It's quite a spectacle to say the least,

I say the least though I have said quite the piece.


No amount of words would be substantial.

Because words can't describe.

I'm a fan, and that is all.