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The other side of the desk

Here I am, and there she is

On the other side of the desk Handling biz Not even looking but why would she It’s like we're from two different world and that's how it should be

Because I'm just another guy Trying ta get by, I could be a lot better off

As well as a less fly.

We're both dressed formal

But I'm dressed to impress

For her it’s her uniform So I'm dressed a little less.

So, I'm dressed a little less I slid my life over to her across the desk

I'm analysing her analysing my life, Yes, is that a smile? that takes away the stress


I could take away your breath,

Don't settle for less

When u can boogie with the best.

Let's go dancing...

I don't mean 2 step I'm thinking something a little more, Intimate

Looking like a devil in a blue dress,

I see u wearing the hell out a new dress

Maybe dinner by the river after?

Nice vibes, smiles a little laughter I'll drop you home, after, Oh you’re Inviting me in?

Of course I'm entering.

So this is where you live huh?


So then I guess this is where you…


We start kissing and touching,

Before we know it, we find ourselves.... Pardon?

Oh sorry I was daydreaming,

But listen I was thinking maybe...

Or never mind, yes, I went to uni, 3 years of stress,

Rugby & music are my hobbies and interest

My Work experiences?

Nothing, but I got something worth experiencing

Oh wow was that another smile?

You know what they say about making them smile,

It can lead to bigger things,

Things that are worth my while So Miss, oh, we're done? Already? I guess it now or never… I'm ready

Would you like to go out some time?

I'm looking at her like, please don’t boy me

She gave me 3rd smile and said:

I'd love to, but,

I don't date employees.