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Trump's Pet's

What if Trump was really just a Trap…

Think about It, or let me explain in fact.

Since the Trump first started running for president.

A type started creeping out of their residence.

Those redneck types from the slave trade days,

At all his rallies screaming Make Murica Great Again.

They follow him like a dog follows it's master,

Though by law cannot bite therefore they just bark up.

They're noise makers really, trombones and trumpets

If ol Donald had a farm they would be Trump's Pets.

But imagine this, if you can envision..

Donald Trump, was only acting like a villain.

So certain whites show their true colours like Prisms.

You know how light splits into colours through a Prism?

Just Imagine, he was just bait and this...

Whole Trump rally was to find the racist's

You see how they treat non-whites let's face it

I mean they even agree with Adolf Hitler’s statements.

But to be fair, these are views from the outside,

For all that’s known Donald Trump may be a real nice guy.

Maybe this facade was only to create a perspective,

That he forgot to unmask once he got elected.

Doubt it.