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Who Cares


Like I care,

As far as I'm concerned

You were never here.

Miss who?

Feel what?

Hard how?

Let me tell you something

I feel nothing right now.

The past? history.

All that now is just a myth to me.

I don't think I even care enough to be bitter,

As a matter of fact I don't think I care at all.

Joke is the love I used to have must have withered away,

I didn't even notice it's gone.

It's funny how, best friends become strangers

And how, loved ones become hated.


You crossed that thin line between love and hate,

Then I guess you just carried on skating.

Wasted, time and effort all invested, And money.

Yes I did just say that.

See because at the time I didn't mind but In retrospect,

I could have saved that.

But I have no regrets, not even you…

And I should regret you.

But then, who knows what other mistakes

I may have made,

If I had never met you.

Who knows…?

Who knows and who cares,

All I know is you're history now.

And again,

Who cares.